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Time flies when you are having fun

Not all has been sweet and smooth in these 7 years without writing in this blog

You keep getting older and when you look back, there are milestones that you feel awesome about and although the phrase in the title is true, sometimes not everything is fun.

Loved ones pass away, moving to another country also means moving away from friends and family, free time is not what it was before and sometimes you just don't feel as unbeatable anymore (falling from a bicycle at your 30s is not the same as when you were a little kid).

It is not that I don't have crazy or stupid ideas to write about, I have been writing, but hadn't had the time to "polish" them (or at least that is my excuse).

But recent happenings, or viruses, had made me think that some tools are worth sharing even when blunt, some rambling thoughts may spark others or invite other people to work them out, that I need more practice communicating my ideas in written form and that life is too short to delay things until "I have time".

Now, on to revive this blog. If you want to read me in Spanish, use the link at the top of the index page to switch languages.

– Juan German Castañeda Echevarría