Accepted into GSoC!

This year my luck changed (well, maybe what changed was that my application was better than last year’s :)) and I’ve been accepted to work for the MacPorts project. I wanted to collaborate with MacPorts since some time ago and this is a very good chance to begin helping.

I’ll be implementing the Cocoa GUI of MacPorts using the framework developed by Randall Wood and George Armah. Before sending my proposal, I began coding a sample application (, it only works on intel-Leopard) and I’d love to hear or read any comment and suggestion to improve the GUI and thus, I’ll do some releases for testing purposes for the community as the app gets implemented.

To all the accepted students: Congrats and good luck in your projects!!

To everyone that was rejected: :( I know how you feel, last year I wasn’t accepted and what bugged me the most was that who was selected didn’t made a good work in the project that I applied for and as I focused in my school courses, I didn’t help either. All I can say now is that I’ll do my best so that if you applied for the same project as me, you won’t feel as I felt last year and that I’ll do my best to help the MacPorts community.

– Juan German Castañeda Echevarría