ADC Student Member

I should have a new laptop now but awful things happen, specially in economy. Projects get cancelled and in contrast to the Mexican Peso a lot of things gain value, making me poorer and poorer(as I live in Mexico). But not everything is bad news.

Last week, my ADC Orientation Kit arrived, I bought it three weeks ago at the Apple Online Store Mexico but the bad thing is that I haven't received any response to all my e-mails in which I ask for directions to use my hardware discount.

The good and cool things are:

  • I have a new Leopard copy and it is said that they will send me some more and any major update (Snow Leopard???)
  • The package is really like the one that was pictured at the online store (big and black). I expected only a brown box with things, but it's Apple...
  • I can apply for the WWDC scholarship program :)
  • I have a new t-shirt (black with the legend: icode). Again, it's Apple...
  • I supposedly have a discount at the Apple Online Store

The other thing that they send is the Monthly Developer DVD but it's not the big reason to get the membership, anything inside the DVD is downloadable from ADC site.

Now the only remaining thing is to know how the Hardware Discount works in Mexico and peacefully wait for the Mexican Peso to gain some value...

– Juan German Castañeda Echevarría